Friday, 29 November 2013

AMA's Peckham Library refurbishment featured in Architects' Journal

The refurbishment of Will Alsop's Peckham Library, which was led by AMA's David Jenkin, is featured in the Architects' Journal.

Since the opening of the iconic Peckham Library in 2000, AMA has helped Southwark Council, who runs the library, to provide two improvements. The first was the installation of additional floor space to provide a One Stop Shop in 2006, which was followed by a refurbishment of the library in 2012.

AMA’s David Jenkin’s experience of accommodating new and changing requirements into the Will Alsop building are recorded in the AJ article. Whilst the Peckham Library is a great building, he explains, it does not allow for easy changes due to restricted floor to ceiling heights and insufficient riser space, which may ultimately threaten to compromise the design in the future.

Peckham Library (photo: Mike Allport)

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